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Tubular straps
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Innovation is at the heart of our commitment, and we're delighted to present our latest breakthrough: a range of tubular woven sleeves specially designed for the manufacture of endless round lifting slings, whatever the CMU required.

Thanks to the acquisition of specific looms dedicated to this purpose, we are now able to offer tubular straps in exceptional widths, offering significant advantages in a variety of industrial applications. This is the result of a policy of technological headlong rush that is unique in our industry.

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A New Era for Endless Round Slings!

Technology at the Heart of Innovation
Our commitment to research and development has led us to invest in state-of-the-art looms, specifically designed for the production of woven tubular sheaths. This breakthrough technology opens up new perspectives in the manufacture of endless round slings, enabling widths that were previously unattainable.

Extraordinary widths
The acquisition of these specific looms enables us to offer endless round slings in widths that exceed market standards. This expanded capacity offers greater flexibility in the design and use of slings, responding to the varied needs of our customers.

Application versatility
Endless round slings made from our woven tubular sheaths can be used in a multitude of applications, whether for lifting heavy loads, handling bulk materials or other industrial needs. Their innovative design guarantees exceptional strength and durability.

Exceptional features
Our woven tubular sheaths are manufactured from high-quality materials, ensuring exceptional resistance to mechanical stress. This translates into endless round slings capable of withstanding impressive Maximum Working Loads (MWL), in a wide range of working conditions.
The woven tubular design gives our slings optimum flexibility, making them easy to handle and use in environments where complex movements are required. This makes them ideal for a variety of industrial applications.
Our woven tubular sheaths act as a protective layer for internal sling cables. They offer protection against abrasion, chemicals and other environmental factors, extending sling life and reducing maintenance costs.
All our products comply with the strictest industrial safety standards. Endless round slings made with our tubular woven sheaths are subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee their reliability and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Technical specifications


Standard 100% polyester weave. Polyester, renowned for its versatility, offers wear resistance, UV resistance and dimensional stability. It offers excellent color fastness, wrinkle resistance and durability, making it ideal for textiles, ropes and various industrial applications.

On request and according to your specifications, specific sheaths can be produced in HMPE to improve resistance to compression and abrasion.
HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene), also known by the trade names Dyneema or Spectra, boasts exceptional tensile strength, making it one of the strongest fibers in the world. Its light weight and low elongation are major advantages, particularly in fields such as lifting cables, marine ropes and bullet-proof vests. HMPE offers superior chemical resistance and exceptional resistance to harsh environmental conditions, while remaining lighter than polyester.

In short, polyester excels in versatility, while HMPE stands out for its exceptional strength and low weight, making it the preferred choice for applications requiring maximum performance in extreme conditions.
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standard orange color
on request, we dye our products in the color of your choice


25mm to 550mm


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