Strap Stowage
50mm - 2 parts

Strap 50mm - 2 parts
Made in France

We manufacture in our workshops in France ratchet tensioners for all lashing purposes.


These straps are indispensable in transport, construction, agriculture etc... We offer a wide range of straps from stock but we can also produce custom-made straps if needed. These articles, also called racagnac straps, comply with the current standards

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We are also

On request or by catalog, we are able to combine all our textile articles with an infinite choice of endings: plastic buckles, metal parts, hooks, tilting ends, lugs, snap hooks...
Our technical team is at your disposal for all your developments.

Technical specifications


Polyester webbing width 50mm, length of your choice
Galvanized ratchet tensioner.


Under plastic shell or naked.

To Know

It is important to know that the maximum coefficient of the metal parts and of the sewn assembly is 2; on the textile part it is 3.

For example for a CMU = 2000, the breaking load is 4000kg. It should also be noted that the resistance is doubled when the device surrounds the load

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