Knotted Flying Twine
Hang Tag

Realization of the hang-tag
of your choice


Are you a printer? Or are you a ready-to-wear brand?
Deliver your cardboard labels to us, we automatically make and tie our strings on them to create the hang-tag of your choice at a lower cost. We have a wide range of colors in natural materials (cotton, linen, hemp) or synthetic (polypropylene, polyamide). Our strings can be rigid or elastic, to facilitate their placement on the product / garment.

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Technical specifications


Flying labels for textile, food products, price display, instructions for use, instructions for plants, etc...



String diameter 0,5 to 1,5mm

Flange length (from eye to hole): from 45 to 180mm

Eyelet diameter: standard 4mm

Label size: min 20 X 25 mm - max 150 X 210 mm

Special shapes of flying labels (tree, heart, shoe...) are possible.


In packages of 50 to 100 pieces

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