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Whether you need bungee cords, technical cables, laces, piping, ropes, halyards or cords, whether you are looking for flat braid, braid, webbing, ribbon, braided or knitted elastic, you have finally found the right partner. And we are able to serve you in both large and medium series.

A beautiful French textile story

STN Tressage is located in the heart of the Lys Valley, the historical cradle and capital of French narrow textiles for over 500 years. Since our creation, we are committed to keeping all our production in France, in our workshops. Our textile expertise is a treasure that we jealously guard because it is this heritage passed down by our men and women for generations that guarantees you high-quality articles made by passionate workers.

We are absolutely convinced that manufacturing in France is also a guarantee of flexibility and reactivity. The great import has become irrational from an ecological, social and logistic point of view. Thanks to our constant investments in more energy-efficient, faster and more precise machines, and our eco-responsible commitments to reduce our waste and find a second life for it, we are proud to be able to guarantee you intelligently manufactured products at the right price, in the shortest possible time.


Whether flat or round, rigid or elastic, we weave our articles in all materials, all diameters or widths, all colors. We always aim to meet the specifications set by our customers. We are extremely reactive and do not hesitate to move heaven and earth to bring you a technical answer as soon as possible. Our very dynamic structure is specialized in custom manufacturing: all our articles are customizable according to your needs.

Our range of products includes both standard multi-purpose products and technical items made to measure according to your request, and we create new references every day to expand our field of expertise. As you can see, our production capacity and the diversity of our tools allow us to meet the needs of everyone. And since we are proud of our production tool, we invite you to come and visit us.

We are proud to be one of the most modern braiders in Europe, and our regular and consistent investments allow us to increase our lead.


Through acquisitions, mergers and successive developments of new activities, a family group has taken shape over 3 generations.

STN benefits from a local industrial fabric that is unique in Europe: within a single city, a dozen companies are grouped together in the same family group, which concentrates a know-how that is absolutely unique in Europe, not to mention the dozen or so others scattered throughout the region. It is the promise of an instant response to your requests, the entire production chain being mastered and concentrated in the same place! The product developments that our customers entrust to us do not require long round trips to the four corners of France, if not the world. Our teams have only a few hundred meters to go to bring together all the necessary processes, from the wire to the finished product, including the addition of plastic parts and metal in all its forms! In total there are several thousand different machines grouped together in one place to meet all your needs. When we tell you that our organization is unique...

But to convince you, come visit us! We love to showcase our many production facilities and explain how our machines work and how much gold our operators have in their hands.


The DNA of the Fauchille Group resides in the local and reasoned manufacture of articles designed as ecologically as possible:
- Priority use of natural, biosourced and/or recycled materials: we offer GOTS or GRS certified items, according to your requests.
- Controlling our energy resources: for 25 years now, we have been implementing a continuous and increasingly restrictive program to reduce our electrical consumption, in particular by acquiring the most energy-efficient machines on the market. We are now finalizing the installation of new generation boilers, which consume less energy in order to produce hot water for our processes as responsibly as possible.
- Reduction of our water consumption with the implementation of more economical processes, and reprocessing of dyeing water in our own water treatment plant.
- Recycling of our textile waste, which is either transformed back into recycled yarn (fabric) or revalorized into granules used in cement factories (ropes and straps). Our plastic waste is crushed and reused in our processes and metal waste is 100% recycled
- Production of low-carbon energy directly on our sites: one of our dyeing plants is self-powered by a wind turbine and we are in the process of deploying photovoltaic panels on our numerous roofs (150,000m2 in total!) with the objective of producing 30% of the energy we consume within the next 5 years


We are extremely proud to have been awarded the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label since 2020.
The label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (EPV) is a mark of recognition by the State, set up to distinguish French companies among others, and industrial and craft skills of excellence.
Since its creation in 2005, the EPV label has highlighted unique companies that know how to reconcile innovation and tradition, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and future, local and international. This state label is attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance and awarded by the prefects of the region. The State has entrusted the management of this label to INMA in 2019.
Awarded for a period of five years, this label brings together manufacturers who share a certain vision of the activities that should be those of their company: high performance of their trade and their products, a permanent attention to internal training, a technically and socially innovative approach and a dynamic commercial strategy. It is the only state label awarded to a company for its entire activity, and guarantees the excellence of its know-how.

We are obviously members of the French Fab and we share all the values it advocates.
The French Fab embodies the companies, economic actors, institutions and industrial sites located in France who recognize themselves in the will to develop the French industry.
As a member company of La French Fab, we place at the heart of our priorities:
- Innovation as a lever for the development of our activities.
- The constant modernization of our means of production as well as our business models, notably through digital technology.
- Adaptation of the work organization to new practices and training in new skills.
- The ecological and environmental performance of our production methods as well as of my products.
- The development of an export and internationalization capacity to conquer markets that have become global.

We are also

On request or by catalog, we are able to combine all our textile articles with an infinite choice of endings: plastic buckles, metal parts, hooks, tilting ends, lugs, snap hooks...
Our technical team is at your disposal for all your developments.

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