Technical stitching
Strong security checks

A single point of contact
for very technical manufacturing

Confection on Webbing and Rope

Being assured that our customers are not all manufacturers, we offer you a service of making straps, braids, ropes, elastics... In short, all our articles can be made according to your specifications, with the security that everything is done at the same place. No unpleasant surprises, no duplicates, you have a single point of contact from the manufacture of components to their processing. The quality of such a service is guaranteed by regular and rigorous security checks according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

Wide width confection

In parallel with the manufacture of narrow fabrics, we have developed, at the request of our customers, a new unit for the manufacture of canvas, knits and wide-width fabrics in order to meet all your needs for specific products. From punch or guillotine cutting to finishing, you have a single point of contact with us.

Metal fabrication

We ensure the manufacture of all your cables with specific terminations, tensioners, slings etc. We supply and control all types of chains, and offer a wide range of accessories in the catalogue.

We are alsotailors

On request or from the catalogue, we are able to associate all our textile articles with an infinite choice of terminations: plastic buckles, metal parts, hooks, tilting ends, thimbles, carabiners... Our technical team is at your disposal for all your developments. .

Technical featuresTechnical tailoring

Type of products

Manufacture of safety harnesses, lifting slings, securing sets, etc. Outdoor, PPE, extreme sports, textile-clothing, automotive.


Sewing, cutting, assembly, embroidery, on straps or fabrics. Automatic or semi-automatic production. Great flexibility of realizations

Our Technical Clothing models

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