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With increasingly large farms over the years, the facilities dedicated to the animals are extremely stressed and subject to significant chemical, mechanical and/or climatic attacks. We have developed a range of ropes (for halters, enclosure demarcation, manure scrapers), elastics (outdoor bungee cord, conductive bungee cord) and straps (fencing tape, securing equipment) specifically dedicated to your uses, with the guarantee of exceptional longevity.


Fishing is a sector traditionally very heavy on ropes, both for fishing nets on the high seas and for aquaculture and shellfish farming. The problem is that users often tend to look for a low price rather than a quality item. Conversely, we offer items that are certainly more expensive than what you could find in large imports, but much sturdier and with a considerably longer hold over time; it is the guarantee of having to do fewer maintenance interventions on your installations, fewer replacements, and ultimately significant savings over the life of our products. On the other hand, a net or a rope that lasts longer also makes it possible to limit the quantity of waste that unfortunately ends up lost in the ocean. Preserving the ocean means preserving your work tool.


We offer some of our best-sellers that are particularly suited to the pruning industry, in particular textile cables intended to replace metal cables for towing tree trunks and throwing cords.


We offer a wide choice of securing and winching solutions for your agricultural motorized equipment. Also and as always with STN, tailoring is possible according to your specifications. This offers our customers operating in the early vegetables / market gardening markets the possibility of developing their own carrying harnesses, picking straps, anti-hail rubber bands for orchards directly from the manufacturer.

We are also tailors

On request or from the catalogue, we are able to associate all our textile articles with an infinite choice of terminations: plastic buckles, metal parts, hooks, tilting ends, thimbles, carabiners... Our technical team is at your disposal for all your developments. .

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