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Circular Jersey Knitting products

Technical and economical products that can be produced at very high speed.

acrylic rope

What is Jersey?

The Jersey gathered stitch knit is obtained with a yarn that feeds all the needles. We also speak of weft knitting. Each needle forms a loop that passes through the stitch of the previous row. In the horizontal direction, the succession of stitches constitutes a row of stitches while in the vertical direction, or height, we speak of a column of stitches.

Substantial punching power

We have 270 small-diameter circular looms, enabling us to produce articles of up to 43 needles. We thus have the capacity to produce more than 3 million meters of circular knitted elastic per week, which is found in particular in the manufacture of FFP2 and surgical masks. We are also able to produce rigid knitwear with a very large capacity. of production and in record time, these knitted yarns being then used in decoration, creative arts or weaving with effect. We are able to heat fix these items and/or dye them in the color of your choice.

We are also

On request or from the catalogue, we are able to associate all our textile articles with an infinite choice of terminations: plastic buckles, metal parts, hooks, tilting ends, thimbles, carabiners... Our technical team is at your disposal for all your developments. .

Our Circular Jersey Knitting Patterns

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