Braided Rope

Braided polyamide rope
in helical section


Polyamide rope braided in helical section which gives it a perfect roundness and an exceptional flexibility, very adapted for the confection of various knots. The use of Polyamide also provides an unparalleled shine while guaranteeing a very good resistance to breakage and abrasion. Very aesthetic article which will be appropriate for all the uses matelotage, decoration, confection...

Specific dyeing to Pantone requested from 1000m of order.

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Technical specifications


Spiral braided rope 100% Nylon (Polyamide)
Excellent resistance to time and abrasion.

Properties of Polyamide

Density = 1,14g/cm3 > this article does not float
Fiber strength: 6 cN / Dtex
UV resistance: Medium
Abrasion resistance: Excellent

Maximum operating temperature: 140°C for short periods. Softening point: 180-200°C Melting point: 215°C


From 1.5mm to 8mm


Pantone color of your choice


100 m coils

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