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The guarantee of a finish


Some buckles require, for aesthetic reasons in particular, a metal crimp: the guarantee of an impeccable finish with the assurance of maintaining a very correct tensile strength. We are very well equipped to install ferrets in various finishes (nickel-plated, brass-plated, painted) adapted to our entire range of cords and elastics.

However, if you wish to install the ferrules yourself, we also supply our ferrules in bags and the crimping tools that go with them.

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Technical specifications


Suitable for all types of decorative clothing, trimmings, key rings, creative arts...


Our range of ferrets is suitable for:
- Cords / elastics from 1mm to 8mm
- Ribbons from 2mm to 20mm
Silver (nickel plated), gold (brass plated) or painted in the Pantone of your choice (minimum 20.000 pieces)


In bundles, bags or bulk cartons

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