FSC paper woven ribbon

FSC Paper Woven Ribbon
Made in France

A recyclable ribbon

Ideal for designing single-material packaging that facilitates recycling (e.g. by using this ribbon as a paper handle in the manufacture of paper bags).

Ruban, tissage; papier, france, PEFC, couleur


Using cords and ribbons made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper yarn as paper bag handles offers a number of advantages in terms of recycling, sustainability and carbon footprint reduction.

What is FSC certification?
FSC certification guarantees that the paper used to manufacture cords and ribbons comes from environmentally and socially responsible sources. This includes sustainable forest management and the preservation of biodiversity.
By using FSC-certified cords and ribbons, you're helping to preserve forest ecosystems and promote sustainable forest management practices.

Facilitating recycling
Our paper yarn cords and ribbons are made from 100% paper-based materials, facilitating the recycling process. When these paper bag handles are recycled, they can be integrated more efficiently into the paper recycling stream without the need for material separation. By designing products made entirely from paper, you'll have a considerable head start on future developments under the AGEC law.

Natural decomposition
Paper yarn cords and ribbons are biodegradable and compostable. This means they decompose naturally over time, reducing environmental impact at the end of their life cycle.

Made in France
Manufacturing paper yarn cords and ribbons in France offers significant advantages in terms of reducing our carbon footprint.
Local production minimizes transport-related emissions, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with product manufacture and distribution.
By promoting the use of cords and ribbons made in France, you support the local economy and encourage sustainable development at regional level.

Using FSC-certified and locally manufactured materials reinforces your company's ecological and responsible image. This is a differentiating factor in the market, attracting consumers who are sensitive to environmental issues.
In short, the use of FSC-certified paper yarn cords and ribbons, made in France, for paper bag handles contributes to a more sustainable approach, promotes the efficient recycling of materials and helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with the manufacture and distribution of these products.

We welcome you to this approach by offering items designed specifically to meet your requirements: with us, width, weave or knit or even braid are totally customizable. That's the advantage of using a local service provider. Define the color of your choice from a pantone or RAL range, and we'll develop it in our dye house... Located in France, of course! This local dye house is well ahead of the game when it comes to responsible water consumption and the complete reprocessing of wastewater in its own wastewater treatment plant. We use the water for the process, clean it and return it to nature.

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Technical specifications


100% FSC-certified paper ribbon

Available widths

From 5mm to 40mm.


All Pantone colors are available. Specific dyeing in our workshops, according to your needs


In coils, with straight or bevelled cut end, made up with ferret, eyelet or other accessory, loose... according to your requirements. Once again, this item being truly made in France, we are very flexible!

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