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An elastic fiber


Whether it is called Lycra (which is a brand), Elastane (which is the French generic term) or Spandex (its English equivalent), it is the same material: it is a synthetic fiber derived from polyurethane and with incredible elasticity. Never used alone, this fiber is used in addition to other materials (polyester, polyamide) to make an item elastic. A very stable material with very good resistance over time, it is widely used in clothing because it makes it possible to produce elastic articles of extreme finesse.

We are alsomanufacturers!

On request or from the catalogue, we are able to associate all our textile articles with an infinite choice of terminations: plastic buckles, metal parts, hooks, tilting ends, thimbles, carabiners... Our technical team is at your disposal for all your developments. .

PropertiesOf our Elastane models



Excellent resistance


Very good resistance

to water, chlorine, mold and bacteria

To touch

soft and silky, comfortable material to wear

Good heat resistance

No deformation even with prolonged exposure to the sun

Our Elastane models

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