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Tubular Cord

Tubular cords
braided in France

Wide range of colors and custom widths

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Tubular cords braided in France for hoodies and sweatshirts.
The cords (or laces) used in hoodies have several functions:
Hood adjustment: Drawstrings allow you to adjust the size of the hoodie's hood. By tightening or loosening the cords, you can alter the size of the hood opening for a customized fit.
Style: Drawstrings also add an aesthetic dimension to the hoodie. They can be of different colors, textures or styles, contributing to the overall design of the garment. Several materials are available for braiding these cords: natural = cotton, linen or synthetic = recycled polyester (GRS) or not.
Comfort: drawstrings offer an extra level of comfort, allowing the user to customize the hood fit to suit his or her preferences.
Wind Protection: When the hood is worn to protect against wind or light rain, the cords can be tightened to offer greater protection around the face.
Fashion Trend: Some hoodies feature longer, wider cords or contrasting colors as a distinctive fashion element.

French manufacture guaranteed in our workshops. If you are a designer or garment-maker, we offer a very wide range of colors that can be used to weave these items, per 1000m minimum .

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Technical specifications


100% organic combed cotton certified GOTS
Available in GRS premium or recycled polyester on request.

Available widths

We offer these cords in 3 widths: 10mm, 16mm, 20mm.


100 m coils
These cords can also be made with metal, plastic-coated or even sewn ends, starting at 5000 pieces.

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