Woven textile bookmark
with a very soft touch


Textile bookmark ribbon, woven or braided, very soft to the touch. Also known as a bookmark, this item is attached to the body of the book in its upper section and serves as a bookmark.
It's sometimes called drawing braid or drawing ribbon.

Used for binding books, notepads, notepads, diaries...
We're made in France, so this item can be customized to suit your needs: specific colors, printing on the ribbon...

Large choice of colors and widths. Delivered in coils or hot-cut ends, angled or not, as required.

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Technical specifications


100% polyester rigid braided flat ribbon. 13 spindles, 17 spindles or 21 spindles depending on the width required.
On request, it is possible to make this article in metal-plastic thread (Lurex) for an unparalleled shine.

Available widths

From 3 to 10mm


Several colors available


100m, 500m, 1000m spool. Hot cut ends delivered in bundles.

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