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Our valance braid is woven from dralon fibers. This material is known for its durability, weather and UV resistance, and ease of maintenance. So dralon is often used in the manufacture of upholstery fabrics and blinds because of these properties.
Dralon braid can be used to add a touch of elegance and style to outdoor blinds. It can be sewn along the edges of the valance, creating a pattern, border or color contrast.

Seam edging made easy by the natural elasticity of this self-giving braid, which follows the curves of the fabric without folding. Wide range of colors + new colors constantly in development (35 colors in catalog today).

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Technical specifications


Flat braid 42 spindles 100% acrylic Dralon UV resistant - Level 1

Designed to withstand many years of outdoor use without degrading

Synthetic glueing that gives the braid a certain hold during the manufacturing process while allowing it to retain its suppleness and delicate touch.

Available diameters

From 20 to 30 mm


Several colors available


100m spools

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