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kevlar halyard


We custom-braid 100% Kevlar ropes, particularly suited to environments requiring a rope resistant to heat, elongation and/or shear. Kevlar is an aramid (aromatic polyamide) with excellent mechanical tensile properties. What's more, Kevlar rope is remarkably resistant to high temperatures. Unlike many other synthetic materials, it does not melt, even at high temperatures. At around 500°C, Kevlar rope will simply begin to carbonize, making it the perfect choice for fire-related activities. For example, it can be used to juggle a flaming diabolo, as the cord won't melt. The combination of heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties makes it ideal for high-temperature environments and activities requiring a durable, reliable rope.

We specialize in custom-made products, according to your specifications: you need a particular strength, or a non-standard diameter,
Do you need this braided rope or kevlar halyard at short notice? You've come to the right place - talk to us, we're specialists in this field!

Kevlar rope can be used in a variety of other activities, including sailing on sailboats and pleasure boats. It is commonly used as a kevlar halyard, which refers to a rope used for hoisting sails, controlling sails or performing other hardware-related tasks on a sailboat or pleasure craft at sea. This material is also used in a wide range of industrial applications involving heat and/or the lifting and pulling of very heavy loads.

Made in France: We are proud to produce our kevlar halyard rope in our factory in France. This local manufacturing guarantees not only superior quality, but also a commitment to the local economy.

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Technical specifications


100% Aramid braiding

Available diameters

from 2 mm to 20 mm

Available colors

Standard colors = black or yellow.
On request and with a minimum order size and a slightly longer lead time, we can also manufacture kevlar ropes in red, orange, khaki, navy


100m spool

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