Hollow HDPE rope

Braided Hollow Rope
Polyethylene HDPE

An easy splice
in all circumstances

Extremely versatile rope for all external uses

Hollow HDPE rope
Polyethylene braided hollow rope


Braided rope without core allowing an easy splicing in all circumstances. Article developed to resist to the most demanding geographical areas: desert, mountain, marine environment, wetlands...

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) hollow rope represents an innovation in ropes, offering exceptional versatility in a variety of applications. From drag lines to the fishing industry, from forestry to boating, HDPE stands out for its outstanding performance and advantages, especially for outdoor applications.

Made in France: We are proud to produce our hollow rope in our factory in France. This local manufacturing guarantees not only superior quality, but also a commitment to the local economy.

Multi-purpose HDPE hollow rope
- Towing line for sled :
Hollow HDPE rope is ideal for the manufacture of draught lines used in sledding, offering high strength and lightness essential for reducing the tensile load on equipment and animals.
- Fishing industry :
HDPE's abrasion resistance and buoyancy make it a preferred choice for fishing ropes. Its exceptional durability guarantees consistent performance, even in harsh marine environments.
- Forestry :
In forestry, hollow HDPE rope is used for a variety of applications, including lifting and moving heavy objects, thanks to its tensile strength and low elongation.
- Boating :
Marine applications, such as mooring lines, benefit from HDPE's UV and water resistance. Its buoyancy also makes it an ideal choice for water sports.
- Agriculture :
In agriculture, HDPE hollow rope is used for a variety of tasks, including fastening and securing agricultural materials. Its chemical resistance guarantees durability in a wide range of environmental conditions.
- Construction and Lifting :
HDPE rope is used in construction for lifting and handling operations because of its chemical resistance, light weight and ease of handling.
- Camping and Outdoor Activities :
Its lightness and weather resistance make hollow HDPE rope an essential accessory for camping and other outdoor activities, such as clotheslines, tents and suspension systems.
- Home and DIY applications :
In a domestic context, HDPE rope can be used for DIY projects, such as making hammocks, repairing fences, or creating art installations.

Why choose a French manufacturer like STN Tressage?
- Quality and Expertise :
STN Tressage relies on recognized French expertise in the manufacture of high-quality ropes. Our commitment to excellence guarantees products that meet the highest standards.
- Flexibility and customization :
As a French manufacturer, STN Tressage offers exceptional flexibility to meet the specific needs of each customer. We can tailor our ropes to the unique requirements of each application.
- Responsiveness and customer service:
STN Tressage's geographical proximity guarantees fast order processing and delivery. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to answer your questions and support your projects.
- Environmental commitment :
By choosing STN Tressage, you are also supporting a manufacturer committed to ecological practices. Our production complies with environmental standards, contributing to a sustainable future.
- French Quality Guarantee:
Opting for STN Tressage means choosing the guarantee of exceptional French quality. Our HDPE ropes are carefully manufactured to meet the most exacting requirements.

Hollow polyethylene rope (HDPE) offers exceptional versatility for a multitude of outdoor applications, from sledding to fishing, forestry to boating. The advantages of HDPE, combined with the quality and expertise of a French manufacturer like STN Tressage, make our ropes an essential choice for those seeking durability, reliability and performance.

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Technical specifications


Braided sheath 100% monofilament Polyethylene HDPE - UV treated level 1. Each spindle is an assembly of single wires that guarantees great flexibility and easy splicing.
- UV resistance :
HDPE is inherently resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, making it ideal for outdoor applications. This feature guarantees exceptional longevity, even when exposed to prolonged sunlight.
- Abrasion resistance :
HDPE's abrasion resistance makes it a robust choice for environments where ropes are subjected to constant friction, ensuring long life even in harsh conditions.
- Buoyancy :
HDPE rope floats on water, which is essential for nautical applications. This feature facilitates rope handling and retrieval in marine situations.
- Chemical Resistance :
HDPE is resistant to many chemicals, making it a safe and reliable choice for a wide range of applications, particularly in agriculture where it may be exposed to corrosive substances.
- Low elongation :
HDPE rope has a low elongation, ensuring greater stability when loads or tensions are applied. This is particularly important in applications such as forestry and lifting.

Properties of HDPE Polyethylene

Density = 0,95 g/cm3 > this article floats
Elongation = 14 - 18%.
Fiber strength: 4,85 cN / Dtex
UV resistance: Excellent
Abrasion resistance: Excellent
Resistance Acids, solvents bases: Good

Maximum operating temperature: 100°C for short periods. Softening point: 120°C Melting point: 130°C

Available diameters

6mm - 8mm - 14mm


Yellow, White, Black, Red, Green, Beige, Grey, Blue


100 m coils

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