Cinta de lino Linen

Linen webbing
Woven in France

Manufacturer of Linen Straps
For 230 years

We have been making linen straps in our workshops in France for over 230 years! It is without pretension that we can say that we know this material on the fingertips which is part of our history... Originally, flax was cultivated on the banks of the Lys, the river that runs alongside our factories.


Linen is the ecological textile material par excellence for several reasons:

This plant grows locally (the crops are mainly located in the south of Normandy, in Belgium and in the Netherlands), which guarantees a reduced carbon footprint.

French flax fiber is considered the best in the world, and Europe remains by far the world leader in cultivation and spinning of this fiber (more than 75% of the production being located on the Old Continent)

Flax requires very little water for its cultivation contrary to cotton which cannot really be qualified as ecological (it takes between 5400 and 19000 liters of irrigated water for one kilo of cotton! While European flax requires zero liters of irrigated water. Rainwater is enough)

And of course, our linen straps are totally biodegradable without any impact on the environment.

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