No Fire M1

M1 Fireproof Strap
Made in France

Particularly suitable for standard applications requiring high fire resistance (building, aeronautics, military, etc.).


This article has the characteristic of not burning - that is to say that in contact with fire it will not maintain the flame. Supplied with FAR 25853 certificate upon request. Other necessary certifications are available, including ABD0031, FMVSS 302, ECE R16, UL94
It is essential to specify that we work with an independent laboratory to guarantee you a total neutrality of the test results.
We have real expertise in the development and weaving of all types of straps for sustained use in particularly hostile environments (flame, intense heat, electric arc, etc.).
Ask us! Our technicians are at your service to offer you the product best suited to your technical use. Intense heat and flame will no longer be a worry.

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Technical specifications


100% para-aramid fur (Kevlar, Twaron, Technora following CDC)
PES FR or meta-aramid sheathing depending on use to guarantee optimal UV protection

Available widths

10mm to 80mm.


Black, Red, Navy, Khaki, White


Coil, cut end, bulk... according to your request.

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