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Hemp rope
Synthetic PPTex

PPTex stranded rope
Synthetic fiber with hemp look


Stranded rope in PPTex, a synthetic hemp-like fibre that imitates hemp perfectly. Even an expert eye can hardly tell the difference between this rope and a natural hemp rope!

Guaranteed manufacturing in France

Synthetic fiber with low elongation, rot-proof and floats, PPTex is a real revolution in the world of rope: you benefit from a quality rope with a natural appearance without the usual inconveniences of hemp (odor, premature wear...). Ideal for old gréments, decoration, outdoor use...

Hot cutting, which allows to have a clean end without burrs, by cauterization

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Technical specifications


100% PPTex (melting point 160°C, good resistance to acids and alkalis, hydrophobic)

3-strand rope up to 8mm diameter
4-strand rope from 10mm diameter

Available diameters

from 6 mm to 30 mm

Available colors:



Crown 100m

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