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Handle Carrying strap
For handling windows, doors and frames

Woven and welded strap handle for easy transport of frames
economical and robust

Weaving, cutting and perforating are carried out on our automatic machines.
Low cost and robustness guaranteed


Textile handles specifically designed to simplify handling and installation of windows and doors in all materials: wood, aluminum, PVC. Our textile handle is screwed onto the frame and becomes an essential accessory for installers, offering an ergonomic, efficient and economical solution for moving your doors or windows.

Why choose our webbing handle?
Advanced ergonomics: Our textile handle is designed with advanced ergonomics to provide optimum comfort for fitters. It's easy to handle, reducing fatigue and improving efficiency on the job site.
Unrivalled strength: Made from high-quality textile materials, our handle stands up to intensive use. It's built to last, even under demanding working conditions.
Versatile application: Whether you're handling heavy windows or bulky doors, our textile handle offers exceptional versatility. It can be adapted to a wide range of configurations to meet all installation needs.
Easy to install: Thanks to its perforations, our textile handle screws easily onto a variety of surfaces. It's the perfect complement to make window and door installation faster and more efficient.
Enhanced safety: The textile handle provides a firm grip, improving safety during handling. It reduces the risk of slipping or loss of control when moving heavy equipment.

Transform the way you handle and install windows and doors with our economical and secure textile handle.
Contact us today to find out more about this item and discover how it can improve the productivity of fitters in the field.

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Technical specifications


High-tenacity polypropylene webbing, the perfect compromise between high strength and low weight

Available widths


Available lengths

Standard length between 15 and 25cm flat
available with one or two perforations according to your specifications


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