braided rope for scaffolding

Braided Rope
for scaffolding

A specifically dedicated braided rope
to the intensive use of the construction

braided rope for scaffolding


It's a well-known fact that for intensive use and regular to-and-fro in pulleys, stranded ropes don't hold up and eventually break apart. This is particularly true in the construction sector where these ropes are used on scaffolding: the passage on pulleys, associated with heavy loads to be lifted, prematurely tires these 3 or 4 strand ropes. In addition, commercially available stranded ropes are often made of polypropylene, a material that disintegrates when exposed to intensive UV light.

We have also developed, in partnership with users in the construction industry, a braided rope specifically dedicated to this use, which has the particularity of lasting much longer in use: the problems of friction and resistance to difficult climatic conditions are finally resolved. On the other hand, this rope is made of polyester which has a higher breaking strength than polypro.

Made in France: We are proud to produce our ropes in our factory in France. This local manufacturing guarantees not only superior quality, but also a commitment to the local economy.

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Technical specifications


Braided rope diameter 20mm
Braided 16 spindles High Tenacity Polyester
Excellent resistance to time, abrasion and UV rays.

Properties of Polyester

Density = 1.38 g/cm3
Elongation = 7 - 15%.
Fiber strength: 6,88 cN / Dtex
UV resistance: Excellent
Abrasion resistance: Excellent
Resistance Acids, solvents bases: Good
Maximum operating temperature: 180°C for short periods. Softening point: 220°C Melting point: 260°C

Available diameters


Available lengths

Length on request (10m to 100m per piece). One end free, the other in a loop with a lifting swivel hook

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