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We offer a wide range of industrial conveying ropes for the paper industry. Depending on the use, these ropes are single or double braided, monofilament or multifilament, with abrasion/chemical treatment, and with controlled or uncontrolled elongation. Tell us your specifications, the desired strength, and we will offer you the article best suited to your needs, with the best quality on the market. And if you have temperature resistance requirements, we can help you

We know that the stoppage of a production line represents several thousand euros lost per day. It is advisable to limit these stoppages as much as possible by using the right rope for your machine and process.

It is possible to deliver our ropes pre-spliced to the desired circumference, with an invisible splice allowing to pass through pulleys without disturbing the good functioning of the belt.

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Technical specifications


Braided rope 8, 16 or 24 spindles according to your needs

Single or double braiding

Available diameters

From 6mm to 20mm


In metered or looped coils spliced to the required length

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