Buckle bungee cord by the metre, bungee cord for tarpaulin Buckle Sandow

Buckle Sandow
Tilting End Cap

A bungee cord
for a quick fastening

Buckle bungee cord by the metre, bungee cord for tarpaulin Buckle Sandow


Welcome to the world of tarpaulin Buckle Sandow , where simplicity and efficiency of design go hand in hand with local manufacturing. Our bungee cord, a central component of this system, offers a practical solution for quickly and securely attaching tarpaulins, billboards, construction site nets and much more via this looped bungee cord.

The cabiclic mechanism, also known as tilt-tip attachment, simplifies the fastening process. Simply insert the tip into an eyelet, and an ingenious toggle ensures self-locking. This method offers stability that keeps your tarpaulins firmly in place, even in difficult conditions.

We are proud to affirm our commitment to French manufacturing. Each bungee cord is carefully produced in our workshops, to strict quality standards. Made in France, our bungee cords draw on a traditional industrial heritage while incorporating modern innovations.

Every detail of our bungee cords is designed to meet practical requirements. Made from quality materials, they offer robust strength while retaining their elasticity, ensuring durability over time. The cabiclic system's combination of strength and ease of use makes our bungee cords a practical choice for all your applications.

By opting for our tarpaulin loop bungees, you are choosing a pragmatic solution that combines quality and functionality. Experience uncomplicated fastening, where reliability and simplicity come first.

Made in France: We are proud to produce our Buckle Sandow in our factory in France. This local manufacturing guarantees not only superior quality, but also a commitment to the local economy.

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Technical specifications


Outdoor bungee cord with HDPE sheathing and plastic tilting end.

Available diameters

Diameter 4 to 6mm. Length 250mm flat.


Color Sandow made


Bags or bulk cardboard.

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