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The bungee cord
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We are the largest French manufacturer of bungee cords in all diameters, all materials and therefore all uses. The range of applications is extremely broad, and our expertise in braiding and knitting elastic cable means we can guarantee you the right product for every purpose. Our High Tenacity polyester bungee cord is THE reference bungee cord for industrial use (resistant to oils, acids, etc.) or nautical use (resistant to salty environments and UV rays).

Guaranteed made in France! With us, there's no hidden workshop in a low-cost country. We're lo-cal supporters and would be delighted to show you around our proud facilities, should you feel like dropping in.

Each of our bungee cords can be fitted with hooks, tilting ends, locking balls or any other standard or custom item manufactured, again, in our factories (our plastic injection and metal fabrication subsidiaries are at your disposal to develop the termination you've been looking for so long).

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Technical specifications


Core: natural rubber strands
Sheath: High Tenacity Multifilament Polyester

Available diameters

From 3 to 20 mm


Available in a dozen mass-dyed polyester colors.
On request, we can dye specific colors in our integrated dyehouses, starting from several thousand meters.


The standard packaging is in 100m spools. From 3000m ordered, specific packaging is proposed:
- Coils of 50, 100 or 200m upon request
- Dolls from 5 to 10m
- Cut or made up ends

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