Luminescent rope /

A webbing woven from
photo luminescent fiber


We manufacture a whole range of bungee cords and braided ropes but also straps woven with photo-luminescent fiber, which means that these items store light during the day and give it back at night. in other words, when you turn off the light, this string shines in the night! By exposing them to light for less than 20 minutes, our strings are fully charged and will emit a glow for 8 to 10 hours.

Breathtaking and long-lasting results to ensure visibility all night long. Made in France in our factories

White color in daylight, which tends to be bright green when the light is turned off

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Technical specifications


100% polypropylene braided rope loaded with photoluminescent pigment
White color only

Available diameters

From 1.5mm to 20mm


100 m coils

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