Helical Braided Rope

Braided Rope

Braided polyamide rope
in helical section

Helical Braided Rope


We are a French manufacturer of helically braided polyamide rope.
Spiral braiding gives our ropes a perfect roundness and exceptional suppleness, making them ideal for various knots. The use of Polyamide also provides an unparalleled shine while guaranteeing a very good resistance to breakage and abrasion. A very aesthetic article that will suit all uses: seamanship, decoration, garments, bracelets... In all sectors requiring a top-quality rope that is easy to work with and handle.
The helical pattern creates the appearance of a continuous spiral along the entire length of the string. Because of this distinctive design, spiral braiding is often associated with a modern, contemporary aesthetic. It can be used to add a touch of sophistication and creativity to some of your products.
We offer a Pantone-specific dyeing service for orders over 1000m.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this rope is also suitable for technical use: in fact, this type of rope is specifically designed to minimize twisting. The helical structure reduces the tendency of the rope to turn on itself, which can be advantageous in certain applications where stability and prevention of twisting are essential. It can be used as a starter rope or a pulling rope for internal combustion engines.
Thanks to its helical structure, this rope offers enhanced stability. It withstands constant rotational loads better without deforming, making it an appropriate choice for applications where durability and torsional strength are crucial: in pulley passages, for example. This reduced torsion improves resistance to wear due to internal friction. This extends rope life in conditions where torsion is a critical factor.

Our spiral-braided rope is available in a wide range of diameters, to suit your needs.

Made in France: We're proud to produce our spiral-braided rope in our factory in France. This local manufacturing guarantees not only superior quality, but also a commitment to the local economy.

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Technical specifications


Spiral braided rope 100% Nylon (Polyamide)
Excellent resistance to time and abrasion.

Properties of Polyamide

Density = 1,14g/cm3 > this article does not float
Fiber strength: 6 cN / Dtex
UV resistance: Medium
Abrasion resistance: Excellent

Maximum operating temperature: 140°C for short periods. Softening point: 180-200°C Melting point: 215°C


From 1.5mm to 8mm


Pantone color of your choice


100 m coils

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