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Sandow electrified
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French manufacturer of electrically conductive bungee cords for electric fence delimitation


A sandow electric specifically designed for livestock farming, it can be used to electrify your electric fence and is particularly useful for securing gates: its elasticity makes it easy to open/close this area by stretching/relaxing it.

The sandow electric cord is used as a deterrent to prevent animals climbing or crossing the fence. The electric charge it carries creates a dissuasive barrier, reinforcing the security of the protected perimeter. it prevents
This prevents animals from entering protected areas, while its elasticity makes it adaptable to various fence configurations and uses.

The electric bungee cord is connected to an electrical power source (usually a generator or battery). When activated, the conductive bungee cord delivers electrical impulses at regular intervals along its stainless steel sheath. These pulses electrify the fence, creating a secure, deterrent barrier.

Made in France in our workshops, this bungee cord is built to last!

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Technical specifications


Core: natural rubber strands
Sheath: UV-treated HDPE polyethylene + stainless steel wires for bungee cord conductivity

Available diameters



White with black marking or any other color on request


Standard packaging is in 25m or 50m coils. From 3000m, specific packaging is possible:
- Coils of 100m or more depending on manufacture
- Dolls from 5 to 10m
- Made-to-measure lengths with insulating handle

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