Extra-light latex free bungees sandow

The world's lightest sandow

ultralight Sandow that floats
made in France, latex-free

The fruit of a long development process, manufactured in France in our own factories, it boasts some exciting features: lightness, softness, latex-free...

Latex-free bungee cords


Our Sandow Plume' bungee cord lives up to its name: not only is it extremely light (over 3.5 times lighter than our standard Outdoor bungee cord, for the same diameter), it also has the added advantage of being particularly soft to the touch. Last but not least, it's guaranteed latex-free, so it's hypoallergenic.

Particularly recommended for applications requiring a very low-density product (it literally floats on water!).

Available in white or black only.

Made in France: We are proud to produce our product in our factory in France. This local manufacturing guarantees not only superior quality, but also a commitment to the local economy.

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Technical specifications


Mix Polypro / Spandex

Available diameters

Due to its unique construction, this item is only available in 8mm.


White or black only


100m spool
cut or made-to-measure ends on request

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Extra-light latex free bungees sandow
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