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A technical fiber

Aramid fibers are part of the polyamide family.

Aramid fibers

Aramid fibers are part of the polyamide family (the word aramid comes from the contraction of "aromatic polyamide". It is a class of fibers that are very resistant to heat and/or have excellent mechanical properties (in particular resistance breakage) They are widely used in our technical textiles.


Kevlar® was developed in the USA by the DuPont company. Competitors were then inspired by the formula to create equivalents, thus the Dutch AkzoNobel created the Twaron® then the Japanese Teikin created the Technora.

Technical uses

These fibers, which have interesting properties of resistance to heat, shear and traction while maintaining a low density, have become essential in ropes and straps intended for technical uses: protective clothing, composite or rubber reinforcements, etc.

We are alsomanufacturers!

On request or from the catalogue, we are able to associate all our textile articles with an infinite choice of terminations: plastic buckles, metal parts, hooks, tilting ends, thimbles, carabiners... Our technical team is at your disposal for all your developments. .

Properties of our Aramid models



Recovery rate

about 4% (relatively hydrophilic fiber)

Exceptional tensile strength

(200cN/tex, i.e. 5 times stronger than steel)

Low elongation

(2% to 4%)

Heat behavior

does not melt, carbonizes at more than 400°C

Excellent properties

dielectric and non-conductive

Good resistance

shocks and fatigue

Sensitive to UV and chemicals

Technora having a higher chemical resistance than Kevlar and Twaron)

Our Aramid models

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