Braided Wick
for Candles and Candleholders

We weave a very wide range
of wicks


We braid in our factories a very wide range of wicks for candles, candles and oil or alcohol lamps. So, whatever model you use in your candle productions, we are able to offer you a suitable article:

Flat wick (for candles made of kerosene, stearin and their mixture). The flat bits are made from 3 bundles of wire. We prepare them to improve the curvature and burning of the wick.
Round wick (for candles made of pure beeswax and/or mixture of beeswax, kerosene and stearin) A good round wick should be produced from at least 8 cotton bundles of more or less equal thickness.
Wicks for pilot lights and plate warmers (molding or compression) We use bleached cotton yarns, of a very high quality and extreme fineness, in order to obtain a good rigidity and a long duration of burning
Wicks reinforced with lead (for candles made by casting in glass or plastic capsules) that give greater stability to the wick and stiffen it when the wax mass is poured into the container.
Wicks for candles, torches and outdoor torches, made from a bundle of coarse cotton threads, interlaced with finer threads. Diameter " to 25mm
Ground wicks (firelighters) that are not braided, bleached or treated.

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Technical specifications


Cotton unbleached, bleached, washed and/or dyed according to application and demand.

Treatment facilitating or delaying ingnifugation, depending on the type of candle used.


Rolls, cut ends

Possibility of custom packaging according to your specifications.

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