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Probably the best waxed laces
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waxed laces


Probably the best on the market, our waxed laces have a reputation that is well established. Leather look, very trendy, these items are available in all diameters and in a wide range of colors.

Waxed cord Waxed cord adds a distinctive and elegant touch to packaging, footwear or jewelry thanks to its aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Visual and Aesthetic
Waxed cords have a shiny, lustrous appearance that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall look of waxed laces.
Available in a variety of colors, waxed cords offer options to match or contrast with the color palette of packaging, footwear or jewelry, enabling aesthetic personalization.
Pleasant-to-touch texture
The smooth texture of the waxed cord creates a pleasant feel to the touch, enhancing the tactile experience for the consumer when handling the packaging or wearing the shoes or jewelry.
Style and Design Element
Waxed cords can be customized with different finishes, such as elegant metal end caps, special knots or other design details, adding a stylistic dimension to the product.
Sophisticated presentation: Using waxed cord to close or decorate packaging contributes to a sophisticated presentation. This adds a finishing touch to the packaging, creating a positive first impression.
Boots and shoes
Waxed cords are often used as shoe laces, offering an elegant alternative to traditional cotton laces. They add a touch of refinement and modernity to the shoe.
For jewelry, waxed cord can be used as a link for pendants, bracelets or necklaces, adding a touch of elegance while enhancing the jewel.
Textured contrast: Waxed lace can create an interesting textured contrast with precious metals, stones or other materials used in the jewel's design.
Durability and Resistance
Waxed laces are generally durable and resistant to wear, ensuring a longer product life.
By opting for waxed cords made from environmentally-friendly materials, you can reinforce the product's sustainable and ecological credentials.
Marketing and Differentiation
Using one of our waxed cords can be an element of differentiation in the market, helping to reinforce the brand and attract the attention of consumers.

Made in France We are proud to produce our nylon rope in our factory in France. This local manufacturing guarantees not only superior quality, but also a commitment to the local economy.

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Technical specifications


100% cotton, natural wax treatment


from 1mm to 8mm


Several colors available


Coil, cut end, with plastic / cellulosic end, with tilting ferret... Everything is possible, we manufacture everything on site

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